How To Get
260 Calls To Your Business in 3 Months From Your
FREE Google Local Listing
But 1st a little story on how I was able to acheive this;

It all started about 9 years ago. I was a 55-year-old sub-contractor, working for contractors and making them all the money. I knew every year it got harder and harder to work outside in the hot Florida summers, and if I was gonna keep doing this I needed to work less and make more money. So I started my own handyman service, the only problem was getting a steady supply of customers. So I believed the only way to do this was to get listed on the internet where people could find my services.

I always liked a challenge, and since I knew nothing about the internet or how it worked, I knew it would be the biggest challenge I ever tried to accomplish. And boy was I right. I started buying every book, and course I could afford to learn how to do online marketing. It seemed like endless days and nights and weekends, over a 3-year period. Trial and error, seeing what works and discover what would actually help my business. It got to the point where I was just about to give up, and BAM! There I was #1 in a Google local search for handyman, and my dream came true. Now I was getting more business then I could handle alone so I had to hire a couple guys, to be able to handle all the work.

Still amazed I was really able to achieve this, I decided that I needed to test it to see if it was a fluke. So I did it for several different local businesses, to make sure and whala! It worked every time. So, while hanging out with my friend, we started talking about things and I ask how his business was doing. His eyes got big and he replied: Just Great. The company doing my local marketing called me yesterday to renew my contract. A whole year and I never got anything from them, no traffic, no calls, nothing! The only thing they gave me was excuses and they had the nerve to call me to renew it, can you believe it. Just like the 2 marketing companies before them, who promised everything and didn’t deliver. Now I know why they all wanted to sign a 1-year contract, so they could get paid for a year even if they didn’t deliver.


Wow, that’s terrible, I replied. How about this, you know I’ve been working on marketing my business, right and I want to help you. How about you just cancel them, and I’ll start doing your local marketing and you don’t pay me 1 red cent until I show you proof, that you have a listing on the 1st page in Google, and then I’ll only charge you half what they are charging you now. Yeah right, then he started laughing. I said, I’m serious. And, no long-term contract, use it as long as you like and if I don’t deliver it’s free. He looked at me for a minute, then nodded and replied, why the hell not, it’s not like I’m getting any results now, what do I have to lose, right. Great, I’ll let you know when I got something.

He was surprised to see me 3 weeks later, especially when I showed him that he was not just #1 for his main service, but in the top 3 for most all of his services! He couldn’t write the check out fast enough. In less than 2 weeks, he started getting calls and visitors to the FREE website I made for him. Yes, I included a FREE website because he didn’t have one. For 5 years he’s been happily paying me and now it’s at the point where he’s averaged over 85 calls a month for the last year! I took a big risk of losing him as a friend if I couldn’t deliver, but I knew it would. Look while I show you live the kind of traffic he gets!

It was from this experience that made me realize something. If I could get my business and my clients businesses on the 1st page, in the top 3, I could help other businesses do the same. I know how much I had struggled to get my business a listing on the 1st page, and I felt I needed to help other businesses achieve the same results.
So, I starting breaking down everything I learned to create a system that anybody can follow, to help get their business listed on the 1st page, and I’m excited to announce that the “Top 5 Local “system, is ready for release.
Introducing: the TOP 5 LOCAL” SYSTEM
Finally, I have put together a system from all that I’ve learned over the years. I know without endless days and nights, testing and re-testing, and spending thousands of dollars, I would have never been able to accomplish what my system can do.
Here’s what you’ll discover inside the
Top 5 Local system…
Why, most of what you are being told and what most marketing companies say they have to do to get 1st page listings are wrong

What you really need to focus on and do to achieve 1st page results

How to keep your listing on the 1st page, no more excuses from your marketing company why you’re not there or they can’t keep you there

How to get listed om the 1st page in YOUR city and the SURROUDING cities.

Why paid ads and overpriced marketing companies that don't deliver are a waste of money

Here’s Exactly What You're About To
Get Your hands On….
Module 1 | What You need To Focus On
What works and what doesn’t
Why most businesses fail
The #1 thing that can make all the difference
Here’s What I’ll Show You  | $99  Value
Module 2 | Claiming Your Local Listing
Why many people don't claim their listing
Why you need to do it to reach page 1
The 1st step to get the listings to Page 1
Here’s What I’ll Show You  | $75  Value
Module 3 | Images
How to correctly tag your images
How to add geo location to your images
Why properly tagged images produce better results
Why it's important to tag your images
Here’s What I’ll Show You  | $99  Value
What most people think about getting a page 1 listing
Module 4 | How To Correctly Set Up
Your Business Listing
Everything you need to know and how to do it
What are the most important parts to do correctly
Step by step instructions through each section
How to set up your GMB listing for the best results
Here’s What I’ll Show You  | $149  Value
Module 5 | How To Submit Your Listing
To Bing Local To Get the #1 Spot
Why Bing top listings help Google listings
Why top Bing listings are so important
Why Bing gets more traffic then Yahoo
Step by step to get Bing listings to the top
Here’s What I’ll Show You  | $99  Value
Here’s Why I Spent Over $12,000 Just So I could Get Top 5 Listings For My Business
Module 6 | How To Create A Sales Landing Page That The Search Engines Love
Why a correctly SEO'D landing Page works better than a regular website
Why the search engines love these landing pages
Why these landing pages generate more traffic
Includes a ready-made template you can easily edit for your business
Step by step to create a sale landing page correctly SEO'd
Here’s What I’ll Show You  | $499  Value
Module 7 | How To Create A Mobile Friendly Website That Converts
Why it's so important to have a mobile friendly website
Why web sites don't work well for converting on cell phones
Why these landing pages generate more traffic
Includes a ready-made template you can easily edit for your business
Step by step to create a mobile friendly website
Here’s What I’ll Show You  | $249  Value
Module 8 | How To Correctly Submit To
Blogs and Directories
Why it's so important to submit to blogs and directories correctly
Why websites don't work well for converting on cell phones
Why these landing pages generate more traffic
Includes how to use Merchant Circle Blog to get better results
Step by step instructions on how to submit to blogs and directories
Here’s What I’ll Show You  | $99  Value
Module 9 | How To Find The Best Places
To Get Backlinks
Where to get best backlinks
Why these backlinks help boost your listing
Where to add a link from these to your website
How to get best local backlinks to your website
Here’s What I’ll Show You  | $99  Value
Module 10 | How To Use Google And Bing Webmaster Tools And Sitemaps
Where to go to create webmaster links and how to add them
How to verify them
Why they make a difference
How to set up and verify webmaster tools
Here’s What I’ll Show You  | $99  Value
BONUS #1 | How To Set Up HEAD HTML Correctly On Your Site
Where to add new head html
How to delete unusable html
How to correctly add your information to template so it's right
Step by step instructions to create head html
Here’s What I’ll Show You  | $99  Value
The only way to correctly discover anything is to learn everything possible about what you want to accomplish. This led me to buy every marketing course, marketing book, and marketing lesson, I could find online. Then spend money buying hosting, URLs, PPC testing, blog and forum submissions, (free and paid), to find out what produces the best results. Not to mention, the endless days and nights I spent for over 2 1/2 years to use and test all the products I bought to achieve the best results. Then taking all that I’ve learned, and put it into a step by step, easy to follow system, that anyone can follow to achieve the same results.
Here’s Why This system Would Normally Cost Over $1566.00
If I were to set up a one-one session to teach you everything I’ve learned it would take 15 to 20 hours, or more for you to completely know how to accomplish apply everything correctly to achieve similar results and become your own local marketing expert.

Most private one-on one session from an expert in any field could cost anywhere from $100 up to $500 an hour.Even at $100 an hour, it would cost you $1500 to $2000 to complete the training and course.

One of the reasons I can offer this system at this price is because I don’t have to do one on one sessions or physically mail everything to you. You get the entire system, step by step instruction, videos, templates instantly.

Because of that, I’m releasing my beta version of the Top 5 Local System today at the lowest price possible…….
Normally $1599  TODAY JUST $299
Here’s All You Need To Do Now….
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BONUS #2 | How And Where To Submit
Your Pics To Produce The Best Results
Where to add your pics for the best results
How to add your pics to GMB and when
How to submit posts in GMB and when
Step by step instructions of where to submit your pics
Here’s What I’ll Show You  | $59  Value
BONUS #3 | How To Make A Quality Video And Where And How To Submit It
How to make a high quality video and what to do with it
How to properly tag your video for best results
How to add your video to your website, emails, and more
Step by step instructions to create a quality video
Here’s What I’ll Show You  | $149  Value
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